By: Suzie D.

“I’m just a man, nothing special nothing grand, I’ve had to work for everything I own”. So wrote Christy Moore. His words came to mind as President Zelenskiy addressed members of D�il Eireann. During his speech he claimed Russia is sabotaging food supply chains of “us ordinary people”, including himself as one of the regular folk. It’s a clever approach, to futher endear himself into the hearts of Irish people and our traitorous politicians. Even Eamonn Ryan managed to stay awake. Hard work considering how exhausting it must be to come up with marvellous problem solving solutions for the little people, like have one less shower or one less car journey a week. Yet he and (and in what was possibly a D�il first)159 other muppets managed to hop on to the overcrowded bandwagon of the moment, riveted by Zelenskiy’s every word.

Some of the same TDs didn’t show up when voting took place for ?ov!d emergency measures that sought to strip citizens of this country of their autonomy and freedoms. Ostensibly it’s only essential to care about the autonomy and freedom of those outside this country. Those measures gave officials the power to detain people against their will if they were even just “suspected ” of having “?ov!d. Never before have such serious matters been put before the D�il, yet their absence is hardly surprising as many TDs are regularly absent for all sorts of matters pertaining to their constituents. Nonetheless they claim expenses that are meant to cover attendance costs.

While these same TDs clamoured to be seen to support Ukraine, they appear to show little regard for other victims of countries who are at war. Wars in which the US, UK and others are heavily implicated and profit from through the military industrial complex. Strangely silent too have TDs been about the plight of Uighur Muslims who are victims of torture, interment and genocide under the Chinese Communist Party regime but no TD is suggesting we stop engaging with China as we have done with Russia. To do so would affect lucrative trade deals and foreign direct investment. In 2020, Ireland had a trade surplus of 3.5 billion after exporting 10.5 billion euro worth of goods to China. Irish companies employ thousands of people in China and Chinese investors are heavily involved in the area of Irish social housing.

Aside from selling their souls to China while pretending to be empathetic human beings, our politicians concern themselves with being the best boys and girls in the EU, throwing the full weight of support behind agendas that have little to do with helping Ukrainian people and have everything to do with removing our neutrality through staggeringly obvious propaganda, to suit Ursula Von Der Leyen’s quest to militarise the EU. Some members of the D�il even resembled school children during the speech, as though listening to their principal, several even wore yellow and blue school uniform type ties.

One of those was the Ceann Comhairle who managed to keep a poker straight face as he referred to Ireland as a democratic nation, later applauding Zelenskiy, who categorically stated Ireland has been anything but neutral in terms of the Ukraine Russian conflict. Is it that members of D�il Eireann don’t understand that in a democratic society the people should be given a say in whether their nation is neutral or not? No, it’s that they just stopped caring long ago about what we think, want or feel.

This is undeniable as we look back over the ?ov!d narrative, and more recently as they decided they’re bringing 200,000 Ukrainains into a country of 5 million. Actor Micheal Fassbender once remarked, when asked about his Irish German heritage, that it means he is “efficient tomorrow”. His observation while amusing, is also reflective of how the Irish are, or rather the Irish establishment. They couldn’t manage 200 refugees, never mind 200,000. Worryingly, those “in charge” (puppets) know this, and the insistence on doing it anyway is an indication of a sinister agenda. Diluting the national identities of people of various nations appears to be part of that. Those with less ties to their culture and heritage (and also religion etc) are easier to mould and control. Current global and EU agendas have more to do with Marxist communism than to do with being altruistic. The Irish government is part of that game. Ronald Reagan once said the nine most dangerous words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”, in what was a rare moment of honesty from a politician. His words carry as much weight now as they did in 1986, and we must internalise them going forth.

At the very least it is preposterous to believe our government cares, without agenda, for refugees when the ever growing problem of homelessness in our society loom large, never addressed in any meaningful way along with other systemic issues created by and more importantly perpetuated by the establishment. Not only do we have thousands of homeless families (Irish and non nationals), we have countless more threatened with homelessness on a daily basis, as they try to meet rapidly rising costs of “living”. Costs of surviving would be a more apt term. The HSE, for both mental and physical health is an abomination beyond description and the man overseeing it all earns close to half a million euro per year not including unjustifiable expenses.

The answer to all of this appears to be to add vulnerable people into the mix, and make other vulnerable people even moreso in the process. Many Ukrainains will likely have complicated needs arising from trauma. Needs that won’t be met if how everyone else gets treated is anything to go by. Irish people are expected to provide the resources, without financial reward. They’re ordered that they “have to” take in refugees into their homes, so says senator Timmy Dooley, who is a member of the pan European party Liberals and Democrats for Europe or ALDE (Mich�al Martin is also a member). Hotel chains are paid millions per month in tax payers money to take in refugees, while citizens are guilt tripped into handing over their private holiday homes for a pittance. Houses under the fair deal scheme are the latest to be targeted and the upcoming 39th amendment, misleadingly named “right to housing bill”, if successful, will see to it that the state can “delimit” private property for the “common good”. Despite promises to host families, the government has not thus far contributed to additional utility costs arising from hosting. Although it is difficult to understand how these families could have expected the government to keep their word. Host families are perhaps well meaning but also are gullible pawns (who oddly don’t seem to have the same drive to help homeless families here). Amazingly they’ve agreed that they be background checked while the refugees are not. It is somehow perfectly logical to presume Irish people might be criminals or predators, but God forbid the logic applies the other way around. Who is stopping opportunistic predators slipping through the open gate? No one. But of course that’s not important and how dare you even ask.

To add to all the madness it transpires Ukrainian refugees do not have to disclose their v@??!nation status to host families as it’s “private”, according to a recent Irish times article, who like all other Irish MSM outlets, pushed and defended the abhorrent idea of ?ov!d p@sses. Bear in mind, Ukraine has the lowest rate of v@??ination in Europe, at approximately 35% as well as rampant TB. People of this country were forced to share their private medical information with businesses and in many cases be excluded by them, for not recieving jabs that are still in clinical trials. We all know the j@bs are a nonsense in terms of efficacy and necessity and no one should ever have to disclose their medical information, but let’s take a moment to remember how just a few short months ago people were being discouraged from having their unj@bbed family members over for Christmas dinner. It would almost seem like they want us to resent the Ukrainains rather than stand with them. Divide and conquer strategies, so we blame our fellow human beings, instead of look at the real source of the issues.

Right now the source of those issues are our politicians who unquestionably support an “ordinary” man who is paid around the equivalent of 1000 US dollars per month but purportedly owns a 35 million dollar mansion in Miami. This is a man who was named in the Panama papers. Just before being elected in 2019 he transferred his stake in a secret offshore company to his business partner who later became his senior presidential aide. The same offshore firm continues to pay dividends to a company owned by Zelenskiy’s wife. He is not one of the “ordinary” people. No ordinary person gets elected within four months of getting into politics, post a career in comedy and acting. He is just another puppet, inserted to achieve an agenda and very happy to do so for his own reasons. No matter what he wishes to portray the truth is there for those who wish to lift the yellow and blue tinted glasses. As Zelenskiy sits and admonishes Russia for allegedly trying to starve his people, he simultaneously criticizes nations that refuse to engage in partial or full sanctions against his enemy. Yet one of the first things he did as president was make the final decision on Ukraine leaving the UN committee on the exercise of inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, showing no regard for the plight of those victims. His attitude smacks of hypocrisy. Moreover sanctions only truly affect ordinary citizens, like Russian people (and Russia will of course react to sanctions by blocking food supply chains, destroying crops etc ergo only affecting innocent Ukrainian citizens). Sanctions also affect the ordinary people of other countries such as Ireland. Although we know too that the measures are an excuse to cover the hyperinflation that beset the global economy long before a conflict between Ukraine and Russia was mentioned. An economic avalanche of disaster was long in the works thanks to decades of woeful mismanagement of the fiat currency. None of that was on the agenda in the Dail, nor is it likely to be ever on the agenda.

Instead we had Zelenskiy saying Ireland is “invited” to rebuild Ukraine, financially speaking. How kind. He commented that Ireland is powerful in terms of its economic ability, but also in terms of community development strategies. Surprisingly no one in the silent D�il guffaws at the absurdity of it all despite knowing that Ireland can’t (or won’t) even build a few extra affordable gafs, never mind rebuild supposedly flattened cities. We’re too busy selling what we have to vulture funds and allowing corporate entities to rape the land and it’s resources. As for community development, our TDs are too wrapped up in being obsequious and subservient to the EU and a corrupt Ukrainian president to pay any heed to the misery upon misery they are pouring onto Irish communities. Landing carbon tax on top of astronomical and extortionate hikes in electricity and gas. Even so called sustainable energy companies have bumped up their prices, so even when you do “go green” you are penalised, but our government feels all of that doesn’t matter as they sit and listen to the Ukrainian president speaking of alleged vicious massacres.

There is not a shred of doubt that Ukrainian citizens are suffering, but their own government is doing little to help them. They are being used as pawns, as innocent people always are. It is very possible these massacres are taking place as described. However, how can we take the word of a man who has shown himself to be a fraud. He has always had a personal hatred of Russia because of Stalin’s atrocities, and so he acts from a place of emotion and does not do what is best for his people. He has (alongside NATO, and with interference from the US) been poking the Russian bear for a sustained period. It is not incidental. He has said it is normal to worship Stepan Bandera, a n@zi ideologist who was considered responsible for causing Jewish and Polish people to be murdered by Ukrainian insurgents. Zelenskiy has also called for a no fly zone over Ukraine despite knowing this will essentially provoke World War three. He has banned all opposition parties in Ukraine and continues to allow n@zi Azo? B@ttalion be an integrated part of the armed guard. When questioned on their horrific crimes recently he said “they are what they are and are defending their country”.

While the media may try to deny the thousands of violent murders of ethnic Russians living in Ukraine, that have taken place over the past several years and have been carried out at the hands of those with n@zi idelogy and all but sanctioned by the government, they cannot erase the articles they wrote prior to February 2022 in which they documented this and matters of corruption. So it is impossible to fully trust the testimony of the mainstream media or this man, in light of what is known but now denied. When put alongside what else we know, which is that geopolitical wars have been started under false pretences (Iraq War) and have been fuelled in their continuation by lies (as in the Kuwaiti incubator baby scandal). We must question the veracity of all that is claimed and we must view with suspicion our government hero worshipping this dubious man.

Several news reports have proven to be faked, with footage being used from other conflicts or even video games. One such news report showed what was supposedly footage from Ukraine only for one eagle eyed viewer to spot a storm trooper in the image presented. This doesn’t mean all are faked, but why are they faking them at all? The reasons for the aforementioned lies and misrepresentations can be found in a simple fact; human beings do not like war, we by nature do not support wars being started or maintained. So we must be manipulated into believing it to be necessary by presenting us with horrific stories, which historically have sometimes turned out to be fabricated, exaggerated or staged. If this kind of manipulation doesn’t work we may be terrorised into what is required of us. Recently Jos� Manuel Villarejo, an ex high ranking police official in Spain, alleged that the 2017 terror attacks were orchestrated by the Spanish CIA, and were designed to strike fear into the hearts of Catalonian people who were seeking independence. If this turns out to be true, then anything is possible.

The testimony from those who are proven to be unreliable witnesses must be scrutinised. Futhermore, claims have emerged from citizens on the ground in Ukraine showing them accusing the Ukrainian army of not helping citizens and of shooting their own, using people as human shields, as well as firing from schools and hospitals in order to trigger counter battery fire from the Russian army, to futher a propaganda war. Several videos have emerged of supposed Russian supporters and Roma people (including children) taped to trees and lamp posts, sometimes with their pants down, beaten and bloodied. Yet more videos have emerged of Ukrainains suspected of being Russian supporters being dragged from their cars and beaten around the heads, with their hands tied behind their backs. The perpetrators are again alleged to be n@zi militia members and Ukrainian soliders. Ultimately It will be the testimony of ordinary people and citizen journalists who are still in Ukraine that will shed light on what has really been happening.

As for the ones who have come here, when all is said and done and the fanfare and virtue signalling dies down, they will be sadly chewed up and spit out like the rest of us in this country. In the meantime Ireland in an act of pathetic pettiness “punishes” Russia by making those in the Russian embassy sit in the cold. Varadkar has “no sympathy” for them he says. He likely has no sympathy either for the Irish citizens living in Russia who may at some point in the future need help from the Irish embassy but may not find it as already two members of the Irish embassy in Russia have been expelled in retaliation, in a move the Irish government has the hilarious gall to call “unjustified”. Varadkar and his cronies run their mouth off repeatedly. Making foreign enemies as they go. Not caring that it is the people of this country they represent. Let’s drop the politeness at this point and call Varadkar what he is; an absolute prick. Alongside the rest of the so called government.

The only one talking any sense regarding Ukraine is MEP Claire Daly who states the obvious, peace talks must take place, so let’s get to it instead of seeking more sanctions that help no one. If only we had voices like that in the D�il right now Instead what we saw this week a man celebrated with not one but two murals to date on Irish streets, the same hard, cold streets that many bed down on each night, and some lose their lives on, all alone; nothing and no one by their side. With that, the Christy Moore song comes to mind once more and in particular the lyrics “And so condemned I stand, an ordinary man, like thousands beside me in the queue, I watch my darling wife trying to make the best of life, and God knows what the kids are going to do.”

These words are a painful reminder of what we the are allowing to befall our children. Their future is under serious threat as we let those in charge repeatedly disrespect us, destroy our lives, our culture, our neutrality and everything we hold dear. We are afraid to challenge them because we have been bullied into keeping our mouths shut and live in fear of being disingenuously labelled anti this or that, racist, xenophobic, right wing or worse. Everything except what we are. Perspicacious. In an ideal world we ought to help everyone in need, but it is perfectly ok to pragmatically ask what is being done for our own people, and indeed for the refugees already here who the virtue signalling brigade also forget will be affected by the addition of an extra 200,000 people. We need to be shown how taking so many people can be accommodated long term, for the sake of us and the Ukrainains coming in. We need to know why the homeless here have not been looked after with the same urgency as we have seen in recent weeks regarding Ukrainian refugees. We need to ask why so many unchecked men are coming here who are not even originally from Ukraine and could return to their own countries of origin. Not least because they deny safe passage to women and children, but also because a fraction of them may represent a possible threat to others. Right now there are opportunities for predators to start a new life elsewhere (here), unhindered by a criminal past. Outrageous suggestions have even been made to allow unchecked individuals work with the vulnerable. Giving them unfettered access to those most in need of protection.

We must unashamedly demand answers regarding these issues and much more from our “leaders”. Or forever live in regret as we witness the burden we’ve allowed these politicians to heap onto our children. They are more interested in popular causes and presidents that have nothing to do with the people they are meant to represent. They don’t serve us, nor Ukrainians. They serve their masters. If we don’t act now and demand they be held to account, the future of our sons and daughters will be anything but ordinary and may conceivably include conscription if the EU is militarised. This is not outside the realms of possiblity. In the last lines of Moore’s song he laments “you’ve stripped me of my dignity and pride. You’ve stripped me bare, you’ve stripped me bare, you’ve stripped me bare”. We must cast aside political correctness, as politics is not doing what is correct by us, and we must pull back back our own dignity and pride before we too are stripped bare by the establishment. It is imperative we do it right now for the adults of tomorrow, before all we have to hand them are songs of emptiness and sorrow.
Suzie D.