The Healthy Debate

Our Health. Our Society. Our Future

Facilitating conversations on the health of our society through freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. In a series of conversations with both experts and witnesses we are going to explore how the current Corona-measures came about and what impact they had and continue to have on the Irish population.

  • The healthy debate will empower people with the information they need to make the right choices.
  • The healthy debate will navigate through a sea of misinformation to a future based on what is best in us.
  • We need courage, we need the truth, we need The Healthy Debate.

A collaboration with Health Freedom Ireland

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Lindie Naughton

Irish Journalist

Lindie Naughton is an Irish journalist living in Dublin. She writes regular columns on running and minority sports for the Evening Herald. She also writes for the Irish Garden and Irish Runner magazines and is a judge for the Irish Times Sportswoman of the Year awards.

Lindie has written several books ? ?Let?s Run? (first in 1983; revised edition 2007), ?Irish Olympians 1896-1992? (with Johnny Watterson),?How to Mow the Lawn ? a Beginner?s Guide to Gardening? (New Island, 2003) and ?Lady Icarus? (Ashfield Press, 2004), which is the first full biography of pioneering Irish aviator, Lady Mary Heath. In July 2008 came an update of ?Irish Olympians? called ?Faster, Higher, Stronger ? A History of Ireland?s Olympians? (Ashfield Press).

Lindie also gives seminars and talks on  the art of writing well  and on the life and times of Lady Heath ? an inspirational Irishwoman ? to schools and businesses.

In her spare time, Lindie coaches the throws at Dundrum South Dublin Athletics Club and leads a fun running group. She is a staunch member of Three Rock Orienteering Club as well as a tutor for the Irish Orienteering Association and a keen amateur musician and gardener.

Episode 1: The Role of the Media

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Episode 2: Shaping the Covid-19 narrative & the failings of PCR testing

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Episode 3: The Effect of Lockdown on Irish Businesses and an Update on Mask Effectiveness

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Episode 4: The Lay of the Law

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