In this episode of Centre Ground with Anna Kavanagh the spotlight is on the entertainment industry. Her guests will be Walter Ryan-Purcell, Johnny Keenan, Roj Whelan and Marion McGowan.

  • Walter Ryan-Purcell, Film Producer will be chatting to Anna about an exciting big budget feature film starring Patrick Bergin which he is filming in Killarney.
  • Johnny Keenan an Arts Promoter from Offaly has big ideas to make his native county a national hub for the arts and entertainment industry.
  • Former Irish International Cricketer Roj Whelan explains how he now uses his music and film making skills to promote peace and justice.
  • Marion McGowan Academic and Journalist anchors our weekly panel discussion and tonight?s hot topic is the treatment of the hospitality industry with a special focus on publicans.

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