With talk of a second wave on the way, the wearing of face masks on public transport has been made mandatory in Ireland.

How beneficial are these masks or will they do more harm than good? Can we expect to see face masks being made mandatory in shops? And what other mandatory restrictions are on the way?

To discuss these issues and more, we have 2 guests joining us on COUNTER VIEW for this episode: Dr. Marcus De Brun, Dr. Alan Palmer (unfortunately Ivor Cummins had to cancel).

Dr. Marcus De Brun is a General Practitioner, Author, Philosopher and Elected Member of the Irish Medical Council (2018). He passionately works towards reforming the Irish Health Service, which he believes is presently plagued by a lack of thought and analysis into the deeper issues that determine public/personal health and professional/institutional functions.

In April of this year, De Brun resigned from the Irish Medical Council after levelling strong criticism at the government?s response to the Covid-19 outbreak, particularly in relation to the protection of nursing home residents.

Dr. Alan Palmer has been a practicing chiropractor for 30 years and has provided chiropractic care for the Arizona Coyotes National Hockey League Hockey Club and the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball Teams. He has have studied functional medicine applications, Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) concepts and advanced clinical nutrition strategies. He has competed in thirty-eight national and international bodybuilding competitions, all the way up to the Natural Universe Competition and has won first place on thirty occasions and second on five.� Free eBook – Truth Will Prevail: 1200 Studies That Refute Vaccine Claims by Dr. Alan Palmer -�
In addition here is the link to Dr. Palmer’s 1200 Studies monthly update newsletter -�…/

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