Are you expecting a baby or did you give birth in Ireland during Covid?

This special episode of The Healthy Debate is a must watch.On this week?s show we?ll be talking about pregnancy and child birth during lockdown.

What problems have Covid regulations brought for expectant mothers? What is the experience of giving birth during lockdown?

We?ll also be discussing whether getting the flu vaccine during pregnancy causes any risks to the unborn child.

We are talking to Seana Kerr (midwife), Leemore Blitzblau (doula) and two mothers about their professional and personal experiences.

Kathleen Allen will join us as special guest to talk about her experience giving birth after testing positive for Covid and having to fight for her scheduled C-section to go ahead.

Lior Tibet is a new mother who has recently given birth to her first baby. Her experience was improved due to the tireless advocacy by her doula.

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