On tonight?s show we will discuss the Pharma industry, its impact on healthcare and what holistic wellness looks like in comparison.

Our guests Martin Mullen (ex Pharma sales Rep) and Anne McCloskey (GP) will also discuss vaccines, adverse events and the way forward out of the current crisis.

Watch this show full of unpopular facts and insights you won?t find on mainstream media. 

A little more about our guests:

Martin Mullen offers Resilience coaching from 3 angles: Mental resilience, Physical fitness and Optimal Nutrition. He is a Level 7 Executive Coach, Level 5 Nutritional Advisor and Level 3 Personal trainer. His key interest is stress due to having to deal with high levels of stress during his career and how he had to learn to deal with personal difficulties including redundancy, divorce, death, depression and suicidal thoughts etc. The strapline has now changed to Expect, Endure, Evolve and Excel which are the 4 stages of Stress Management towards Resilient living. Everything in his life now flies in the face to the solutions offered by Pharma.

Dr Anne McCloskey MB BCH BAO, DCH MRCGP is a GP. She was a councillor in Derry City and Strabane District Council until late last year for the pro-life republican party Aont�, when she stepped down due to differences of opinion with the party over Stormont?s handling of Covid.

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